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The ultimate relaxation experience

Our unique four hand massage combines the skills of two therapists to give you an incredibly indulgent and rare experience.

Your unique treatment

You’ll feel the ultimate in relaxation as your whole body is soothed and restored using our exclusive NKD therapy technique.

Four Hand Massage

With two therapists massaging your body, our four hand massage is an extremely sensory experience.

A four hand massage stimulates multiple areas of your body simultaneously, which overloads the sensory receptors in your brain making it difficult to focus.

This leads to unprecedented levels of relaxation and takes the massage experience to a whole new level. 

The NKD Four Hand Massage

The massage is performed on a massage table with your choice of oils. Like the NKD massage, your body will be exposed, this allows your therapists to move seamlessly from one area of the body to another, and work on multiple areas simultaneously. Paul and Rishi or Jamie, your NKD therapists, will both be naked for the session too.

Your Massage Session

Your massage will last approximately 90 minutes. By the end you will be feeling an overwhelming sense of relaxation and at the same time may experience a sense of euphoria and exhilaration. It can be very emotional so you will be given plenty of time to adjust before we finish. Shower facilities are available before and after your massage.

It’s best not to plan too much for the rest of your day. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated and will most likely need some quiet time in the hours after the session.

Massage by Paul and Rishi or Jamie

Paul is from London and has many years experience working as a personal trainer. He started NKD Training to offer naked personal training, group fitness classes and massage for men.

Rishi has many years experience in a wide range of skincare treatments and massage techniques.

Jamie is a sensual massage therapist from London

Together they combine their skills and experience to offer the ultimate massage. 


  • Four Hand Massage with Paul and Rishi in our studio in West London – £250
  • Four Hand Massage with Paul and Jamie in our studio in West London – £250

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