I’m offering a new take on buddy training. Trainers have to train too so join me for a hot and hard naked training session with a trainer who works out with you.

Buddy up with Paul and get extra motivation in your workout

Personal Training is a great way to revitalise your training or make a start on a new fitness plan, but buddy training can also motivate you to push yourself further in a session.

Now you can combine the two with Paul. Join me for a naked buddy training session where we push each other into a hard workout.

These 60 or 90 minute sessions will focus on one body part, so let me know whether you want to join me for my chest, back or arm workout, (or anything else) and lets workout together. Sessions are just £45/£75 and a great way to get the benefits of buddy training, while working out with a professional trainer.

Train with Paul and discover a new angle on fitness!

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