All NKD Gym Classes in November have been moved to Zoom.

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This is a group training session for men in West London. You’ll get a structured fitness class designed to give you a fun but challenging workout. Sunday afternoons at 4pm.

NKD Training is all about being free from the restrictions of clothes while we train and enables us to be more in tune with our bodies. We’re here to help you improve fitness and promote health and well-being, but we want you to enjoy your experience too. Whether this is your first nude experience or you are a seasoned naturist you’ll be very welcome to come along and enjoy this unique experience. We aim to provide a friendly and unintimidating environment to get fit and feel free.


We have a very well equipped private gym for our Sunday classes. This enables us to provide a class for up to 12 participants that gives everyone a full body workout. The class is structured into sections to include cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility exercises.

The class format varies from week to week, but we always start with a warm up during which everyone will work together with some easy body-weight and light cardio exercises. Each session we’ll focus on one area for part of the class, for example we may be doing extra cardio, or working abs.

We usually include a circuit training element to the class, which generally lasts around 20 minutes. You can choose your own weights and work at your own level. Options will be given for guys of different fitness levels.

For the last part of the class we’ll all come together for a final cool down and stretch.

In order to participate in the class, you will need to complete a PARQ form. This can be downloaded and completed before your first session.

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The Naked Gym Rules

Doors open at 3.30pm, the class will start promptly at 4pm and latecomers cannot be admitted.

You will need to be naked for the class apart from training shoes. You will also need to bring your own towel or mat for the floor exercises.

Please do not share equipment, and don’t put any equipment away until it has been cleaned.

Strictly no cameras or phones in the gym, please leave them in your bag during the session.