I’m worried about getting an erection during the session. Should I stay away?

This question is asked more than any other. The simple answer is no it doesn’t matter.

For some naturist activities signs of arousal in men are considered taboo. Here at NKD Training we know that guys can naturally get hard at any time. We embrace the feeling of nakedness while working out and enjoy the feeling whatever happens. It’s quite natural and nothing to be embarrassed about.

There is sometimes an initial state of arousal in men when they first strip off in front of others, or if they are new to a naturist environment. We will not judge you or worry about it and neither should you. Seeing other good looking guys training naked can be quite stimulating and getting hard is part of the experience for many guys. However it doesn’t usually last for long and as we all get into the exercise blood tends to flow out to the working muscles and things tend to calm down.

I always tell guys that it really doesn’t matter if they pop a boner during the session as long as the focus is on the exercise. So come along for a hard training session, and feel free to train as hard as you like.

Does that mean it’s a gay thing?

We welcome guys of all sexual orientations to our classes. Most of the guys identify as gay or bisexual, but it’s designed to be non-sexual. Getting hard is part of the experience for some guys, and we’re all mature enough to accept and enjoy what happens to our own bodies when we are naked, please remember that we are not promoting a sexual environment and out of respect to all our participants blatant sexual activity is not allowed on the premises.

Who is NaKeD training for?

The guys-only description is really there to reflect the type of people who attend the sessions. A naked gym does seem to attract a majority of gay, bi and curious guys so our marketing is there to reflect (and exploit) that. It’s helped guys of all sexual orientations to get an idea of what to expect, and we’re not going to change that, it’s certainly made the sessions more popular.

However it’s not a policy or rule and if you don’t identify as male that’s always ok with us too. We have had those who identify as gender non-binary attending in the past and we aim to create a safe place where everyone can be themselves. Of course our straight friends are very welcome too.

Just how fit should I be?

We welcome guys of all fitness levels to all our group training classes, our open gym sessions and our Personal Training sessions. Whether this is your first nude experience or you are a seasoned naturist you be very welcome to come along and enjoy this unique experience. We aim to provide a friendly and unintimidating environment to get fit and feel free.

We cater for all fitness levels, but you will need a basic level of health to join the class. You will need to complete a simple health questionnaire before your first session. The group sessions can get quite intense if you want them to, but we’ll offer options for you along the way and you are always free to choose your own weights and work at your own level.

We have a modern gym for our sessions but don’t worry if you’re not usually comfortable in a gym. We’ll guide you through the exercises and make you feel totally at ease. We welcome all ages, shapes and sizes.

Do I have to have a great body to fit in?

While we have some great bodies in our classes, NKD is really all about being yourself and feeling great about who you are. Whatever shape you’re in, you’re going to feel right at home. We promise.

What should I bring with me?

All participants will be required to carry a towel, so please bring one with you. If you forget we can lend you a small gym towel. For health and safety reasons footwear is required in the gym so please wear or bring suitable training shoes. We prefer a minimalist barefoot shoe to enhance the nude experience such as Vibram or Xero Shoes. You are advised to bring water or a sports drink to keep you hydrated during the session.

Are there shower facilities?

We will be training in a small gym with limited shower facilities. There are only 3 showers so you may have to wait for one to be available.