NKD Gym Session for Guys – Sundays at 3.30pm

Our gym in Chiswick has a range of cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights. We open the doors at around 3.15pm on Sunday afternoons, and you can train naked from 3.30pm. It’s clothing optional until 4pm so you can train shirtless or strip down to underwear or a jock. Just be aware you may encounter naked guys in the gym too, and when you’re ready you can strip right down and see what it’s like to train the natural way.

At 4pm we clear the gym for our Naked Group class. This is a structured class and full nudity (apart from training shoes) is compulsory. When the class finishes at around 5.15pm the gym will remain open for further naked training or stretching. You will need to be dressed by 6pm as other users may arrive at the gym.

The NKD Gym – £18 on the door or £15 if you book a place in advance

The entrance fee includes the gym session and the class

Next Session: Sunday 17th November 2019

The Naked Gym Rules

Doors open at 3.15pm, and you can be naked between 3.30pm and 6pm.

Clothing is optional until 4pm.

You will need to wear training shoes in the gym.

You must carry a towel, and use the towel on any equipment used (benches, bikes etc).

You will need to complete a PARQ form. This can be downloaded from the site and completed in advance, or you can complete one upon arrival.