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All Personal Training and Massage clients must have received a Covid Vaccination and a recent negative Covid test. Free test kits are available from

We are now requiring that all clients confirm that they will still wear a face mask if travelling on public transport.

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Traditional Swedish Massage (60 Minutes)

Swedish massage, also known as traditional or holistic massage is a gentle massage designed to relax and rejuvenate using slow strokes, friction and light pressure. Performed on a massage table with your choice of oils. NKD Massages are all based on a traditional Swedish Massage, but performed naked and with your body exposed during the massage. This enables hands to move seamlessly from one area of the body to another without having to reposition towels. 

NKD Sensual Massage (90 Minutes)

Using traditional Swedish massage techniques, we will work on all the main muscle groups, paying particular attention to areas that show signs of muscle tightness such as legs, back, or shoulders. The massage also includes sensual areas such as inner thighs, buttocks, and perineum. You can also choose to include testicle and lingam massage. The NKD Sensual Massage is only available for treatments of 90 minute duration, for a totally relaxed and unhurried experience.

Towels and shower facilities are provided. If you choose a combined PT and Massage you will be able to shower before starting the massage.

Our private massage studio is in West London near Acton Town tube station

Text/WhatsApp Paul on +44 7933 746 919
Text/WhatsApp Rishi on +44 7515 679 498