Naked Personal Training and more!

1-to-1 private training sessions with Paul are a great way to get fit and improve body confidence. You’re training in the privacy of your own home, and many guys find the experience makes them more confident with their own bodies while enjoying a fun naked workout. I’m now offering naked 1-to-1 training sessions and workshops on Zoom. You can train from anywhere in the world!

With bodyweight or your own equipment I’ll give you a workout to pump up your muscles and burn a few calories. Of course being naked it’ll be liberating as well as fun and invigorating. Try a regular PT session or spice things up with one of my private NKD workshops.

Naked Personal Training

Home PT sessions include cardio and resistance training and can help with weight loss and muscle gain. I’ll create a bespoke session to help you reach your goals.

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Boner Yoga

For flexibility and strength Boner Yoga is inspired by yoga but has a sensual naked twist. Boner Yoga includes breathing and balance exercises as well as yoga style positions. We embrace (and encourage) erections during the session to tap into male sexuality, and this can lead to improved body and sexual confidence.

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Sexual Energy Workout

This workout includes cardio and resistance training, just like a regular PT session, but like Boner Yoga we encourage erections in this session. The adrenaline and testosterone generated is channelled into our workout to provide a more intense experience.

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Kegel Workout

Kegel exercises train and strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle. A stronger PC muscle can help with bladder control and erectile dysfunction. Some men find that regular kegel exercises also result in more powerful orgasms.

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Jelqing and Edging

Jelqing is an ancient practice involving massage and gentle stretching of the penis. It is believed by some men to increase the size (both length and girth) of the penis. In this session we will learn and practice various jelqing methods and include edging techniques to delay orgasm.

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Sessions are 60 minutes duration and cost £49 for 1 session or £125 for 3 sessions. I can also create a bespoke 90 minute session which includes combinations of two or three of the above sessions for £59.

Text/WhatsApp Paul on +44 7933 746 919

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