Paul – Personal Trainer

I am a full time YMCA Qualified Personal Trainer offering 1-to-1 personal training at my home. I can help with weight loss, muscle development and flexibility.

I have many years training experience and have been a full time trainer since 2010. I have an infectious enthusiasm for fitness, and I aim to motivate you, inspire you, and push you into reaching your maximum potential.

I can provide fitness testing including measurements of body fat and muscle mass. This can be a very useful tool to help set long term goals and keep track of your progress.

Naked Training

I have enjoyed naturist activities for several years now and always preferred being naked for my own fitness training. As well as the freedom of movement training without clothes provides, I found it extremely motivating to see the muscles and body move and flex while training. It enables me to easily see correct training technique that it isn’t so easy to judge through clothes.

I started offering naked personal training in 2013, and it has proved extremely popular with both experienced naturists and newcomers who want to start exploring naturism and learn to be comfortable with their own bodies.

Both being naked together seems to break down barriers between trainer and client in a way that I had never expected. It helps with the critical bond that all trainers strive for, and genuinely helps us both focus on the body and the benefits that physical training can bring. The vast majority of my training sessions are now fully naked.

Personal Training is at my home studio in Acton, London W3. The space is intimate but well equipped with exercise bike, free weights, cable machine and other equipment.

Personal Training Rates

  • 90 Minute PT Session (off peak) – £75
  • 90 Minute PT Session (peak) – £85

Shower facilities and towels are provided. Peak sessions are all sessions that start later than 5pm.

Sessions usually need to be booked up to a week in advance.

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