Naked Personal Training with Paul

I am a full time qualified Personal Trainer offering Personal Training sessions in my home gym. I am 6’1” and have an 85kg lean and muscular physique. I can help with weight loss, muscle development, and flexibility.

Training without clothes is not just a liberating and stimulating experience, it can be motivating to to see muscles flex and move while training. I always train harder when I’m naked and I hope my body can inspire you to train hard too. I work totally naked, and you are also free to wear as much or as little as you like but I encourage full nudity so we can see and feel how all the muscles are working while we train. 

Physical body contact between us is important during the session to help you with correct technique and stretching. The close contact between our naked bodies can also be erotic as well as liberating. You may find other gym sessions boring or uninspiring, but your session with me will be something you will always look forward to.

Whether you have trained before or are a complete beginner, a Naked Training session with me will be a rewarding experience. If you are new to exercise or just want me to demonstrate exercise technique then please get in touch.

A 90 minute session costs £75 (Weekdays until 5pm start), £85 (Evenings and Weekends). I am near Acton Town, London W3

Shower facilities and towels are provided

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CONTACT ME using the online form

Text or Call: 07933 746 919

Male clients only. Your body size, shape, and age is of no consequence. I am comfortable with all, totally non-judgemental, and will aim to put you completely at ease.

This is a non-sexual service. However during training sessions there will be close body contact to help your technique and during stretching. Weight training does cause an increase of testosterone and this often causes a state of arousal in either trainer or trainee. It’s natural, but should not be construed as any sign that sexual activity is included.