The NKD retreat in 2024 will be the last full Fitness and Yoga retreat that I organise. I’m only offering places to guys who have attended one of my retreats before. This year I’m going to be booking the accommodation after I know how many guys are attending. The retreat will be in Cornwall again and we may be at one of the venues we have used before, or it may be new to us. It’s most likely to be West Cornwall so it’s easier for me to transport all the fitness equipment without making multiple trips. I will try to keep the prices similar or below the amount charged last year, but that will depend on the property. Once I have found a venue you will have a short time to reserve a room and pay a deposit, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for emails. Please only fill in this form if you are certain you’d like to attend, and choose all the dates you would be able to make. Depending on the property it is possible that it will be a Friday to Friday booking rather than Saturday, so the arrival date may change by one day.

If you are a couple sharing a room please indicate, and only one of you needs to complete a form. We can fit more guys in (and help keep the prices down) if you are a single guy prepared to share a room, so please indicate if you are prepared to share. It doesn’t necessarily mean that option will be available when I choose the venue. Unfortunately it is difficult to find properties with lots of en-suite rooms so I won’t be able to guarantee anyone gets an en-suite, but will try to offer rooms according to your preferences.