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Premium Fitness Sessions for Mind, Body and Spirit

You can now book Paul and Adam for our unique 2-to-1 Naked Total Fitness Experience.

The ultimate fitness session includes physical exercise and yoga from the UK’s best naked fitness team. Your session will be created to perfectly fit your requirements and will give you an incredibly physical and sensual experience. 

Why work with one naked trainer when you can have two? We’ll all work together throughout your session, so you’ll have attention from both trainers throughout. These sessions are created for discerning men who are looking for a truly unique experience.

What can I expect?

You’ll start by meeting Paul and Adam, have a chat and a drink and discuss your session. Paul and Adam both work naked, and you can choose to be naked too or wear anything you feel comfortable with. We’ll undress together and prepare our bodies with some gentle moves and relaxation exercises, focusing on breathing and posture. 

We’ll then take you on a physical and sensual journey through sequences of yoga, exercise and meditation. You’ll experience close physical contact throughout, so you need to be comfortable with male body contact to your entire body. Both Paul and Adam will  help you with posture and balance throughout your session, and we’ll be including stretches throughout to help maintain flexibility.

The session will end with a relaxing sequence of stretches and our unique 4 hand body rub to soothe and relax your muscles. You’ll feel rejuvenated, invigorated and liberated.

How can I book?

Use the contact page to send a message, with your preferred day and time. Alternatively text us on 07933 746 919. You will need to book your session around 2 weeks in advance.

Prices and Locations

Central London (W1) – £275 for 2 hours

West London (W3) – £250 for 2 hours

In your own home or hotel room – £250 for 2 hours plus travel expenses