Paul is available for Full Body Swedish Massage at Villas Blancas, Gran Canaria, in June.

Traditional Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, also known as traditional or holistic massage is a gentle massage designed to relax and rejuvenate using slow strokes, friction and light pressure. Performed on a massage table with your choice of oils, you’ll be draped in soft towels and leave feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.

NKD Swedish Massage

Similar to the Swedish Massage, but performed naked and with your body exposed during the massage. This enables hands to move seamlessly from one area of the body to another without having to reposition towels. Masseur is also naked for the session.

NKD Sensual Swedish Massage

The NKD Sensual Massage is a full body NKD Swedish Massage that also includes body to body massage and gentle lingam massage. The NKD Sensual Massage is available for treatments of 60 minutes, but 90 minutes is recommended for a totally relaxed and unhurried experience.

  • 60 minute Swedish or NKD Massage – €60 (£54)
  • 60 minute NKD Sensual Massage – €75 (£67.50)
  • 90 minute NKD Sensual Massage – €100 (£90)

Payment can be by cash in Euros or Pounds, or by card charged in Pounds.

Masseur Paul

Paul has 10 years experience looking after the health and well-being of his clients.
He offers Personal Training and exercise classes, including naturist fitness training for men.
Paul is now qualified in Swedish massage and is offering a choice of massage or combination of training and massage.
Swedish massage perfectly complements a physical training session leaving you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.