Workout, Sweat, and Chill-Out Naked in The NKD GYM

The NKD Virtual Gym is open selected Sundays on Zoom from 3pm to 6pm (UK time) CLICK HERE to book your place

When you arrive at the NKD Gym head to the Locker Room (look for “Breakout Rooms” on Zoom). Please arrive dressed and strip off before entering another room. From the Locker Room you can go to the Gym, the Sauna or the Chill-Out room. Return to the Locker Room to get dressed after your session, or why not stay here while you shower off?

You can exercise naked in the NKD Gym. Lift some weights, do some press-ups, or whatever exercise you prefer. This is the place to show off your muscles and see other guys training.

You can join in instructor led exercise classes in the gym at specific times (Usually 4pm Sundays but check for each session)

Nudity is compulsory in the gym, but you can wear training shoes if you prefer.

Turn up your heating and move into the NKD Sauna. Please arrive with a towel around you.

Please keep chat to a minimum in the sauna. Like most saunas you can expect muscle, sweat, and a sexually charged atmosphere. As things heat up the towels will drop and the guys will play! The sauna will host some special events, check each session for details.

Dressed or undressed, this is the place to socialise and make new friends. You can come here to chill during your workout, or cool down after your sauna. We’ll be holding occasional workshops and demonstrations in the chill-out room.

We use Zoom for the NKD Gym. Zoom is an interactive platform so you can talk to each other, add messages and see each other if you have a camera. Don’t worry if you don’t want to be seen, that is optional.

You can use a browser like Chrome or Safari on your computer or laptop, but it’s much better to use the Zoom Meeting App.

How to Join

Each NKD Gym session needs to be booked in advance, or before entering. When you book your gym pass you will get a Zoom Link and Passcode. Please note that once the passcode is sent you will not be able to cancel or transfer your booking.

CLICK HERE to book your place

What do I need?

You’ll need a towel for the sauna, and your webcam, but otherwise you don’t need anything to enter the NKD Gym. For the training classes you will need a clear space with a non-slip floor from which you can see your device screen. You can use weights for the resistance training if you have them. If you don’t have any dumbbells don’t worry, you can substitute household objects like water bottles or books.

Gym Rules

The NKD GYM is a naked space for men. Please treat everyone with respect and abide by the gym rules at all times. Our usual policy regarding erections applies (see FAQ). We like to see as many guys as possible using their camera, it makes it much more enjoyable for everyone.

You can be clothed or unclothed in the locker room, but you will need to strip before entering another room. You are encouraged to stay in the locker room while you shower after your session.

During classes in the gym the instructor will mute your microphone. Please leave it muted until the end of each section. Nudity is compulsory for all classes.

Please take a towel into the sauna and turn on you camera. The sauna is the only place that cameras are compulsory. Keep the chat to a minimum.

Anything goes in the chill-out room. Clothed or naked, you can chat or just watch and listen.

CLICK HERE to book your place