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Workout Naked from Home with our Live Online Training Sessions

The next Zoom Class is Friday 20th November at 11pm (UK Time). HOT NAKED YOGA

We use Zoom for the live classes. Zoom is an interactive platform so you can talk to each other, add messages and even see each other if you have a camera. Don’t worry if you don’t want to be seen, that is optional.

You can use a browser like Chrome or Safari on your computer or laptop, but it’s much better to use the Zoom Meeting App.

How to Join

Classes cost £8 and you must book a place in advance. Once you have booked you will receive an email with your class password. You will need the password to join the meeting on Zoom. The meeting room will be open 10 minutes before the class is due to start.

CLICK HERE to book your place

What do I need?

NKD Training classes consist of cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and stretches. You will need a clear space with a non-slip floor from which you can see your device screen. You can use weights for the resistance training if you have them. If you don’t have any dumbbells don’t worry, you can substitute household objects like water bottles or books.

Class Rules

It’s a naked class and our usual policy regarding erections applies (see FAQ). We like to see as many guys as possible using their camera, it makes a much more enjoyable class.

Before the class you will have the option to see and hear each other so you can chat and socialise. Please be respectful and refrain from any bad language.

During each section of the class the host will mute your microphone. Please do not turn it back on while training is in progress. You can use the chat facility to send messages during the class if you want to contact other guys.

After each section you can enable your microphone so we can hear you again.

The class is a naturist class so the instructor will be naked. It’s up to you whether you are naked, but we prefer to see as many naked men as possible during the class! You can turn your camera off at any time.

After the class the meeting room will remain open for you to chat and socialise with the other guys.

CLICK HERE to book your place