Next Group Session: Sunday 15th December 2019

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The next NKD Training session in Chiswick is  Sunday 15th December 2019

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Naked Gym Sessions and Personal Training

So you want to get fit, but you want an exercise class that is fun and challenging. Most of all you want an unusual and truly liberating experience that will help you improve your body and your health. NKD Training run group exercise classes for guys of all fitness levels.

Exercise makes you feel good, but exercising naked makes you feel AMAZING!

There’s no doubt you feel good after exercise. It’s the endorphins and adrenaline that give you a natural high after a good training session.

Add to that the extra buzz you’ll get from exercising naked with NKD Training and you’ll leave the session feeling Amazing and Exhilarated.

So come along this Sunday, take off your clothes, and enjoy the best and most liberating exercise session in town.

Naked Fitness Class

This is a group training session for men in West London. We usually get between 10 and 20 guys for our group sessions. You’ll get a structured fitness class designed to give you a fun but challenging workout. Sunday afternoons at 4pm.

NKD Training is all about being free from the restrictions of clothes while we train and enables us to be more in tune with our bodies. We’re here to help you improve fitness and promote health and well-being, but we want you to enjoy your experience too. Whether this is your first nude experience or you are a seasoned naturist you’ll be very welcome to come along and enjoy this unique experience. We aim to provide a friendly and unintimidating environment to get fit and feel free.

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Our Fitness class is just one part of the naked gym. We open at 3.30pm on Sundays for you to use the gym for your own warm-up, and the first half hour is clothing optional so you can begin your workout in shorts or underwear if you prefer. After the class we remain open until 6pm for you to continue with your own training, or take time stretching on your own or with a group.